About me

Prepare for impact!

I love to plunge into projects that are interesting and do good. In the winter of 2012, I had the awesome opportunity to work for Children for a Better World. That’s a charity organization that works for impoverished children in Germany (yes, Germany has impoverished children, in spite of all the country’s riches and its welfare). Together with Ms. von Tschurtschenthaler I was lying the basic framework for the first impact-oriented report for Children for a Better World’s India project. In some long brain-bursting, mind-elevating hours Ms. von Tschurtschenthaler and I dissected the project’s impact on the local population. And I can tell you one thing: Impact is one hard thing to measure. But we did it in the end and all of our work was transformed by Children for a Better World into a beautifully designed and compact report. The whole thing was so good indeed, it is one of the reasons why Children for a Better World won the PwC Transparancy Price for small organizations. Yay!

See some more stuff:

Children for a Better World India Project (German)

PwC Transparancy Price press release (German – better start learning it)

So… what did I learn?
  • If you want to know if you succeed with what you are doing, you better look at your impact on others,
  • Writing simple German that sounds natural is sheer impossible for a language nerd like me,
  • Munich is eeeeeeexpensive, and
  • Working with a professional organization is really fun.

And before I forget it: Check out some of the cute Indian products Ms. von Tschutschenthaler’s is selling in her shop.