Current projects

image10 Meet2Eat
large Master in project management
CIS_germany Cool Ideas Society
Logo2 UpUp And Beyond
Sustainability Sustainability is cool
Zuverdienst Project Zuverdienst
GiselavR Gisela von Rauschenbach
bag-if3 Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Integrationsfirmen
thumbnail-karleksbarn Project Kärleksbarn

Former projects

Banner-PM-Camp-Muenchen PM Camp Munich
shoutoutloud Strategy workshop ShoutOutLoud
Workshop EInladung Entrepreneurial workshop in the living room
archive Archive of completely unrelated nonsense
opentransferCamp Workshop at the opentransferCamp Munich
Q Quality, baby!
cbc Children Barfoot College
demo Job market inclusive
WechselWelt_logo_v05 Wechselwelt
WOB Indien Prepare for impact!
thumbnail-scc SCC website development
Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-20 um 21.55.12 Into the future together
modell Shoot me like one of your French girls
thumbnail-mayoral-campaign-300x150 Mayoral campaign

Musing thoughts

collective-leadership The age of collective leadership
chaos Chaos is all around us
mappy Treasure map
pricevalue Price vs. value
da_brainz The bliss of learning
SoPro Social projectmanagement
text2995 Say no to the grey men
essen Cooking and project management
Sinn-im-Leben Meaning in life
work The concept of work
hammer Project management tools